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An efficient cost effective bike rack

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I usually travel with 4 bikes when riding with my family. Bike racks are expensive so I borrowed an idea I found on-line. It's a cost effective way to haul bikes around in the bed of a truck. All you need is 2x4 wood, bike straps (Yakima or something similar), and 1/4 inch bolts and washers. 4 bikes fit perfectly. Create L-Shape braces for the tires. 2.5 inches apart for most bikes and 4.7 inches for fat tire bikes. I added an extra brace to convert the fat tire slot to a regular 2.5 slot. Materials are less than $70 and a couple hours later you have a 4 bike rack for your truck. You can use jhook turnbuckle bolts to secure the rack to the truck bed. Size will vary based on the truck.

In order for this to work, you have to alternate tire placement in the rack. One bike has the front tire in the rack the next has the back tire in the rack. Another trick to prevent the front tires that are not in the rack from moving around is to lower the drop post on the bike when loading. Once loaded, raise the drop post and the seat holds the handle bars in place.


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