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About Me

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About Me

Growing up in Maine, I developed a love of the outdoors and mountain biking at a young age. After spending my childhood in Maine, I moved around for college and my career. And like with most great things, I did not realize how much I loved Maine until I was no longer there. After about 20 years, I was able to move to Limerick, ME. I did not know much about the area, so I began exploring on my mountain bike. I quickly found several great trails, camp roads, and roads that showed me the natural beauty of this area. As I became more familiar with the area, I began taking my wife and sons on these rides. It was a great way for us to get exercise and spend time as a family. I quickly became addicted. Any time we had visitors, I took anyone willing out for rides. Some had not been on a bike in years, others occasionally bike, but they all provided the same feedback at the end of the ride….you should share this with as many people as you can.


I have worked in Corporate America for the past 22 years and still do. And while I have enjoyed the people I have met and the things I have learned along the way, I have always done what I had to in support of my family. Now it’s time for me to spend more time experiencing what I am truly passionate about…. enjoying the outdoors on a mountain bike with adventurous people.

Come and join us for a ride. We provide everything you need to safely enjoy this adventure.

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